Non-profit organizations are the heart of our society. They are the ones helping others, which is something we should all strive for. By giving discounts to non-profit organizations, we are investing in these organizations and our community. So far this year, we have had the priveledge to design holiday cards for two worthy causes.

Woods Humane Society

We designed and printed a simple holiday card for Woods Humane Society to send out. We were delighted to receive the call to help this worthy organization. Woods Humane Society, Inc. is a nonprofit, privately funded organization dedicated to the humane care of homeless cats and dogs in San Luis Obispo County. This is the first time we have worked with Woods, and we look forward to being able to contribute more in the future.

Foundation for the Performing Arts Center (FPAC)

The Foundation for the Performing Arts Center has been a long time customer of ours and we are always happy to receive their calls. During the holidays, the organization puts on a special celebration for their donors to show appreciation. This year, we did a jumbo postcard with a spot UV varnish. The message for this year’s celebration is “Deck the Halls,” because every year, the Performing Arts Center decorates their halls to honor the holiday season.

“The Performing Arts Center is home to 150 public performances each year featuring artists from around the globe. But what many people appreciate most is its commitment to serving the needs of our local performing arts organizations. Each year the Performing Arts Center offers more than 100 performances presented by our talented local performing arts groups.” – taken from

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