We recently built a website for a wine company, namely “SLO de Vie Distillery, Inc.”. Here’s brief info about them: Thomas and Anatoly come from two quite different geographical locations: Portugal’s Azores islands and St. Petersburg, Russia. Thomas is a successful real estate developer and Anatoly is a classically trained musician, graduate of Juilliard school. For centuries Thomas’ family was making and consuming aguardente and Anatoly’s family, vodka. These homebrews were like so many families’ efforts, a straightforward endeavor, and all for personal consumption… read more…

This project is a fully functional online store. Their customers can purchase wines directly from this website. We also set up special deals based on their instructions.

We designed both their logo and the website. We also designed all of their wine labels.

You may visit their website at https://slodevie.com/

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